Portions of what is now Broad Street were originally named Market Street; the city’s first market was located where the Five Points MARTA station is now (and Bridge Row was the first bridge to cross the city’s railroad tracks). The names were changed to Broad Street in 1865 when the street was extended northward to Peachtree and southward to Mitchell Street. (Broad Street did not extend south of Mitchell until the late 1930s.) While most of the city’s streets at that time were no wider than 50 feet and Peachtree was only 60 feet wide, Broad Street was 75 feet wide with 12-foot sidewalks.


1871 birdseye map


1892 birdseye map


Atlanta's Produce Row“All in all, Produce Row is among the most romantic spots in Atlanta. In one week produce may be seen there from every state in the Union, as well as from Europe, Central America, South America and Cuba. To the thoughtful passerby the different fruits and vegetables and the cackle of the fowl reminds him of the links which bind Atlanta to the rest of the world…”

Atlanta Constitution – October 27, 1912


Run Devil Run Paul McCartney’s album Run Devil Run – inspired by a visit to Miller’s Rexall on South Broad – was released on October 4, 1999. The signage was modified for the album’s artwork.






In the fall of 2012, South Broad hosted artists local, national, and international artists who participated in the South Broad Mural Projects as part of Elevate 2012 produced by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs.


So far in 2013, South Broad has served as the set for film crews and welcomed two new temporary residents as part of Dashboard Co-op’s No Vacancy project.