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Community Planning Workshop

“The purpose of this AICP workshop will be unlike many of the past. We will review, but not reinvent, the vision and plans that have been already forged. We are the fresh eyes asked to see the barriers to plan implementation and answer the question, ‘Why have these plans not been implemented?’” – Gary Cornell, FAICP

The workshop will take place on Saturday, April 26th as part of the American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference being held in Atlanta.

Review: Artists give lived-in look to Dashboard’s stimulating but unfocused “No Vacancy”

The most thought-provoking aspect of the evening was the knowledge that Coleman and Detweiler had actually committed to living exclusively in this space — eating, sleeping, showering, creating — for three weeks. Remnants of this experience were visible here and there — a portable shower like something used for camping, a homemade tent filled with pillows and blankets for sleeping, a toilet — and provided a more resonant layer of meaning to what otherwise might have seemed mere spectacle.

Arts briefs: Dashboard Co-op

Dashboard Co-op’s “No Vacancy, An Alternative Residency,” in which two artists are holed up in an undisclosed vacant Atlanta property for three weeks, is an effort to turn it all down and to see what kind of art develops in the relative silence and isolation.